SHAN Nº5 917 Limited edition!

After the SHAN 917, the SHAN 27 917, we are proud to introduce the SHAN Nº5 917!
917. Porsche. Gulf. The car and its emblematic livery made mythical by the movie Le Mans and Steve McQueen is back, and this time, on our Shan nº5. Limited to 58 frames, this version of Shan nº5 is numbered as usual.

917 SAGA

The SHAN 26 has been the first Production Privee frame ever with the 917 color.

3 years later, the 917 color was also applied on the SHAN 27.

2018, our full suspension made out of MCS cromo steel with 140mm rear travel, the SHAN Nº5, is available with the 917 livery.

These 3 frames are our tribute to the iconic Porsche 917 Gulf.

Gulf color on the 917 was made mythical by the movie Le Mans and Steve McQueen

The SHAN Nº5 917 is today available in 3 options.

Frame kit.
From 1.299 € without rear shock and 1.499 € with Fox Evol DPS 2018 with custom setting for the SHAN Nº5.

Every frame is numbered

Rolling Chassis.
Rolling chassis option price is 3.099 €. It’s like a complete bike, without drive train nor brakes. You can then select yourself yours favorite ones !

This Rolling chassis option is called GT1 and comes with Cane Creek combo. This is the best combo we ever rode and the Nº5 has now evolved in a true race machine!

Complete bike.
A GT1 complete bike is available with a 1x12s SRAM GX Eagle drive train and 4 pistons SRAM GUIDE brake. Price is 3.799 €.


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