PP Cockpit

An excellent frame can only express itself properly if it has the cockpit to match. Wanting to offer a consistent setup, Production Privée has pushed the envelop of excellence by developing and producing its own handlebars, stems and grips, without compromise. The combination of these elements has been tested and validated by none other then Cedric GRACIA, PP’s cockpit partner. When you see his radical riding style, you understand why this is important as an indicator of quality.

Production Privée Cockpit

The Production Privée stems and handlebars benefit from a high level of manufacturing quality, associated with an until-now unseen ease of installation. Beyond their technical quality, the specific design of each part contributes to their growing reputation with both professional riders and the riding enthusiast.

Cedric Gracia and the PP team Riders actively participate in the development of this range of products. Numerous exchanges and trails tests, all riding conditions combined, have allowed us to develop products that are particularly innovative.

The trail test, coupled with machine testing, have enabled us to develop stems and handlebars with an excellent balance of precision and tolerance. This is a relatively recent notion in the MTB world when compared to the motorcycling industry, and more specifically with enduro and rallying. The importance of having a precise setup while maintaining a level of tolerance is considered indispensable today. This "ideal association" means riding for longer, with less fatigue and more confidence, and ultimately, more speed.

It is for this reason that Production Privée continues to use the 31.8mm standard, and not the 35mm standard which creates more problems then it solves, in large part due to its extreme rigidity (as seen in testing).

The solidity and reliability of our cockpit components are our priority. We test them on our own machines to a level that is far tougher then the EN standard used today by many manufacturers.

Cédric Gracia and his Production Privée cockpit.

Production Privée handlebars

Our handlebar range has been developed with the help of Cédric GRACIA. No less the 5 models are available so that riders can find the perfect geometry to suit different usages and riding styles. Each geometry has been tested and approved by Cédric himself.
Our handlebars have an 8° backsweep and a 5° upsweep, with the exception of the 810mm LGMH which has a 7° backsweep so as not to increase the offset too much. The offset of our handlebars (rearwards and upwards) was the subject of an important part of their development. This measurement is rarely taken into account, which is surprising as it helps to define (along with backsweep and upsweep angles) the exact position of a riders hands on the handlebars.

We also worked on the rigidity/flexibility balance so as to obtain handlebars that are, despite their extreme resistance, among the most comfortable on the market.
Our handlebars are made using 7075 T6 double-butted aluminum alloy, specifically selected to suit our requirements. Production Privée handlebars are homologated to EN standards.

Riders have a choice of 4 handlebars, with widths going from 740mm to 810mm, and with 0.5" to 1.25" rises.

Production Privée stems

R2R for Ready to Race! This moniker designates the first Production Privée stem dedicated to enduro riding.
It took two years working together with Cédric GRACIA and our riders to develop this stem, with dozens of prototypes tested and refined to obtain a level of rigidity specifically designed to cope with the constraints that enduro riding brings. The end result is a stem with the perfect balance of rigidity and tolerance for precision handling during a race, but without fatiguing the rider during those long enduro stages.

The R2R is forged from 7050 aluminum alloy, then CNC machined using a special digitally controlled 4-axis machine. The plus points of this essential element in the rider cockpit are its light weight of 159g, a design without any visible bolts on the pivot (helping to avoid any unwanted knee-damage in case of any contact), and Production Privée’s own-design stem clamp system enabling you to tighten the stem bolts to the correct torque setting even without a torque wrench.
The R2R stem is available in 50 and 65 mm lenghts

For the eagle-eyed among you, certain lines of the R2R are inspired from the shape of the mythical Corvette Stingray. The bolt recesses are reminiscent of the headlight bezels on the C1 and C2. The curves of the stem are inspired by the rear wings of the C3. More visual cues for the petrolheads out there are included if you look hard enough!

Production Privée CR35 grips

The grip is often considered the last thing to worry about in the cockpit, but Production Privée gave it as much attention as possible. PP developed its own grip so as to add importance to riding feel, and to the comfort to its stems and handlebars. In 2016 the CR35 became the first grip in the world to allow changes to the upsweep and backsweep of a riders handlebars, thanks to its patented offset design concept. The CR35 is ultimately a subtle mix of innovation and a nod towards the motor racing world.

Our grips have the ability to adjust the handlebar backsweep and upsweep by +/- 1º. This setting range allows the rider to adjust their riding position according to their preferences and/or riding style.
For the grip pattern itself Production Privée was inspired by the one of the best and most titled F1 tires ever: the Dunlop CR65. Before the arrival of modern-day slicks, these tires were able to keep cars on the track and around curves at speeds of 260 km/h, so we’re sure it will provide you with ample grip in any riding condition.


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